In this episode of Effekten, host dives into the world of with (CTO , Global Portfolio), Arun Sahu (Global Technology Lead Data and AI, Sogeti), and ( & , Sogeti). The discussion centers on how AI agents—autonomous entities capable of observing their environment, making decisions, and taking actions—are poised to revolutionize various industries.

Joakim Wahlqvist emphasizes the need for businesses to move beyond pilot projects and fully implement AI agents, suggesting that 2024 is the year for widespread adoption. Arun Sahu provides a global perspective, highlighting the strategic importance of robust and ethical considerations in AI agent integration. He discusses how different industries are leveraging these systems to drive innovation and efficiency.

Karl Fridlycke shares practical examples of AI agents in action, from enhancing customer service to revolutionizing content creation. He illustrates their versatility and potential to handle complex tasks autonomously. The experts also address challenges such as data security, privacy concerns, and the necessity for workforce upskilling, offering guidance on navigating these hurdles.

Looking ahead, the panel explores emerging trends in AI agent technology, including capable of processing language, audio, and video inputs. They stress the importance of responsible AI development and ongoing dialogue between technologists, policymakers, and the public.

This episode of Effekten provides a comprehensive overview of the AI agent landscape, blending strategic insights with practical advice. It's a must-listen for business leaders, IT professionals, and anyone interested in the future of technology.

Effekten episode 222, 23:54 min

Joakim Wahlqvist: LinkedIn
CTO Data & AI, Sogeti Global Portfolio

Arun Sahu: LinkedIn
Global Technology Lead Data and AI, Sogeti

Karl Fridlycke: LinkedIn
Generative AI & Digital Transformation, Sogeti

Jonas Jaani: LinkedIn
Team Lead, Sogeti Sweden / Podcast Producer – Effekten podcast

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