The world of Agile Teams, focusing on the transformative power of adopting agile methodologies in organizations. Our special guest, Peter Morris, an expert in fostering agile teams, shares invaluable insights into what constitutes an agile team, the importance of embracing change, and the pivotal role leadership plays in nurturing an environment conducive to agility.

Key Highlights:

Understanding Agile Teams: Peter emphasizes that an agile team possesses both the capability and the intent to modify what they are delivering and how they are delivering it. The essence of agility lies in not just the ability to change but in the desire and readiness to do so.

The Role of Fear and Ownership: Many teams appear agile but lack the genuine ability to adapt due to fear, lack of support from their environment, or absence of ownership. A truly agile team overcomes these barriers, driven by the determination to deliver value continuously.

Leadership’s Role in Agile Transformation: Peter discusses how vital it is for leaders to create an understanding and space within teams to address fears around delivery. It’s about balancing the urgency of delivery with the critical evaluation of what needs to be delivered and how.

Beyond Scrum: The Essence of Agile Teams: Through personal anecdotes, Peter illustrates how adherence to Scrum methodologies without deep reflection can miss the point of agility. Real agility involves introspection, ownership of value creation, and a collaborative spirit that feels like working as one towards common goals.

The Agile Mindset: Peter stresses the importance of evolving from being just a coder to a product developer. This transition involves taking ownership of the product and its value to the customer, a crucial step for those aspiring to reach higher career heights.

Agile Teams and Giggle Moments: A unique indicator of a genuinely agile team is the presence of ”giggle moments” – instances where the team willingly steps over perceived boundaries or rules, showcasing a culture of ownership and innovation.

Productivity and Fun: Peter shares evidence from his experience that teams which embrace agility not only enhance their productivity but also enjoy the process, challenging the misconception that professionalism and fun are mutually exclusive.

Peter unravels the layers of what makes an agile team truly effective. It’s not just about following a set of practices; it’s about fostering a culture of transparency, inspection, adaptation, and, importantly, a mindset geared towards continuous improvement and value creation for customers. The journey towards becoming an ideal agile team involves leadership that supports fear management, a team that embraces ownership, and a shared commitment to critically assess and refine their approach to work.

Peter Morris, Jonas Jaani (21:42)

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Peter is an Expert Agile Coach who specialises in improving delivery by building teams that have a continuous improvement mindset. Peters’ style is ”people, people, people and process to taste” which reflects his goal to empower people without fixating on one strict way of working. Peter has a unique breadth and depth of experiences from a number of technical and business roles.


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